Forever Young BBL Therapy

A non-invasive solution for younger looking skin

What is Forever Young BBL Therapy?

Similar to the Corrective BBL, the Forever Young BBL targets redness, sun damage, freckles, age spots, rosacea and veins/vessels.  Additionally, Forever Young BBL will target saggy, aging, crepey skin. Forever Young BBL allows you to target your skin concerns all at once, and it's the only device that can alter your gene expression to achieve long lasting anti-aging results. With more passes over treatment areas, it allows more collagen stimulation and restores elasticity to achieve that younger looking, vibrant skin you desire. Treatment settings are developed by your clinician using your skin type, and specified goals to target your skin concerns, resulting in a precise, targeted and highly effective treatment. 

What Conditions can be Treated with Forever Young BBL Therapy?


Forever Young BBL treats


-Facial vessels, and redness

-Dull complexion 

-Loss of firmness

-Sagging/crepey skin












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What will Happen During the Procedure?

Forever Young BBL works by gently heating the lower layers of the skin while the top layers of skin are cooled by the machine’s sapphire plate. The lower layers of skin absorb the heat and are stimulated to regenerate and create new collagen.


The treatment will begin with a full consultation to discuss what your goals are and determine if the BBL forever young is the best treatment to achieve your desired results. Once the consultation is complete, treatment parameters have been determined and we have discussed any questions you may have, we move on to preparing for the treatment. This begins by cleansing the treatment area to remove any excess oil, makeup or product from the skin, you will then be comfortably seated and given protective eye ware. Topical anesthetic like a numbing cream is not required as the treatment is not painful, but feels similar to the snap of an elastic band.  A colourless water-based gel will be applied to the skin to increase patient comfort and enhance the efficacy of the sapphire plate. Once the preparation is complete we will begin the treatment by passing the BBL device over the treatment using the established treatment parameters and skin typing assessment. Advanced technology included in the Sciton Joule platform allows for a unique and precise treatment parameter to be set and followed for each treatment, yielding a safe effective treatment with unparalleled results.


Once the treatment is complete Make-up (ideally mineral make-up) can be applied on non-compromised skin, if desired, to cover any redness as a result of treatment. Immediately after treatment you may notice that the skin is lightly flushed or pink and sun damage, freckles, and targeted pigmentation may be slightly darker. You will find that these brown spots (freckles and age spots) will continue to appear darker and over the next few days they will come to the surface and slough off in their own time. We strongly discourage any harsh exfoliating/cleansing or picking of these dark spots as it may cause scarring and infection. Forever Young BBL therapy differs from a corrective BBL treatment as patients will receive additional passes of the BBL over their treatment areas using the revolutionary Sciton Forever Young setting which alters the skin’s gene expression to produce longer lasting anti-aging results. In Sciton’s groundbreaking clinical studies it is found that patients who receive BBL treatments regularly over an extended period of time look younger than when they began the treatments.  

When Should I Expect Results? 

Full BBL results will be visible starting about 2 weeks post treatment and will continue to boost collagen for about 6 month post treatment. It is recommended to follow the treatment plan set out for you by our medical aesthetician in order to maintain results. 

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