Meet Our Team

Dr. Hemsworth started Skin Worthy with his wife and partner, Barb Hemsworth, in the fall of 2016. Since, Skin Worthy has grown into a full non-surgical aesthetic medicine clinic staffed with a talented multidisciplinary team. 


Dr. Hemsworth’s role as medical director has grown with the expansion at Skin Worthy’s new location.  He takes a holistic approach to each patient’s individual needs which starts with a comprehensive consultation. He breaks down why you feel tired, sad, or saggy then proposes a plan to make you look refreshed, relaxed and feel naturally beautiful.  He achieves Positive Aging and a Natural Look by combining laser technologies, regenerative medicine, and non-surgical procedures.  His favourite procedures are:

  • Halo Laser Skin Resurfacing

  • Full facial Dermal Filler Injections

  • PRP Hair Restoration.


After obtaining a Diploma in Clinical Dermatology through Cardiff University in 2017,

he sees acne patients on a referral basis.  His philosophy treating acne, stems from the

dermatology master, Dr. Zein Obagi.  His patient’s get great results using a clinical grade

skin care line from ZO Skin Health in combination with other traditional prescription

acne treatments.


Dr. Hemsworth completed medical school at Jagiellonian University and Family

Medicine residency at the University of Manitoba in 2014.  He obtained a Diploma of

Clinical Dermatology through Cardiff University in 2017.  He is an active member of:

  • Primary Care Dermatology Society of Canada

  • Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine

  • American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery

  • College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario

  • Ontario Medical Association.


Aside from these societies you can follow him and Barb on instagram attending national and international aesthetic medicine conferences.


Dr. Hemsworth is looking forward to hearing your concerns and creating a unique aesthetic plan to help you positively age for years to come.  Follow him on instagram and make sure to say hi if you see him out with Barb in Toronto’s west end or on the waterfront trail on his way to SW or biking with his son.

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Dr. Cody Hemsworth 

Medical Director & Clinic Co-Owner

Dr. Cody Hemsworth

The Skin Worthy Family

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                            Barb Hemsworth

Clinic Co-Owner, Nurse Injector, RN, BScN


Before all this came to be, Barb graduated from nursing at Lakehead University and became a Registered Nurse in 2007.  After graduation she started as a mental health nurse.  Her passion for mental health developed quickly, as she was excited about the connections, ability to teach and counsel patients. She saw the positive impact of human connection and support.  She also saw how stigma can be such a negative factor in her patient’s lives. Her experience gained at that time, translated to her ability to make genuine connections with her patients as a cosmetic nurse specialist.                                                                           


In 2008, Cody and Barb moved to Europe and Barb started to pursue a long time passion in fashion design.  While still nursing part-time, Barb obtained a diploma in fashion design with a major focus in fine art.  During these years of study, Barb started to master the human form by sketching    nude models and understanding the impact light and shadows play with our perception of what is aesthetically pleasing to our eye.  Her artistic work helped to hone her manual dexterity and critical eye - a major asset as a cosmetic nurse specialist.


These two worlds collided when she ventured in to the world of aesthetic dermatology in 2013. This was the dream job, where nursing and artistic expression met.  In 2016 Barb and Cody started Skin Worthy, which quickly developed into a multiple disciplinary team that believes we have the tools and plan to liberate your beauty.  Their goal together is to revolutionize the way we look at and approach beauty.

Barb Hemsworth

When Barb and Cody Started Skin Worthy in 2016, she wanted to approach beauty in such a way as one approaches personal style in fashion. They have a voice, they know what makes them feel confident, and its personal and individual. 

Anne Tse

Medical Aesthetician

Through secondary school, Anne was torn between pursuing her post graduate studies in the sciences or in art

but eventually her creative soul won over and she decided to study fashion design. This led to the creation and

launch of her private label accessories which she and her partner carefully hand craft. From here, her creative

outlet was being met but she still felt she needed to pursue something more fulfilling. Going back to the

drawing board she went in search to find a career that could combine her background in design and her love of

science and this ultimately lead Anne into the world of medical aesthetics.

She now brings to Skin Worthy over 7 years of industry experience not only as a laser technician but also as a

past trainer and clinic manager. Over the years she has honed her skills working along side revered Dermatologists

and other industry professionals. She has been fortunate enough to have been exposed to a wide variety of skin
conditions, skin types, technologies and evolving techniques allowing her the experience necessary to develop a

keen eye for detail and become an expert in her field.

Technology and skin care trends change so quickly and knowing which treatments and products are best for your

needs can be like running through fog so Anne is here to help you demystify the good from the bad and show you

what really works. Anne believes in education not "sales pitches". Consultations with Anne are thorough and she

will take the time to listen (most important), assess and suggest while educating every step of the way. She can

address skin tone, texture and structure and will design a program with you that is best suited towards your needs,

lifestyle and expectations. Anne is committed to delivering on results and her mission is to ensure everyone she

sees feels more comfortable and confident walking out the door.

“Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the
sculptor to discover it.”
- Michelangelo