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Do People of Colour Need Sunscreen?

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As we approach the warmer season it's only fitting that we discuss the importance and significance of sunscreen protection - especially for skin types 5 - 6. As discussed in my previous blog post - one of the biggest misconceptions with respects to melanin rich skin types is that they are exempt from certain protocols specific to skin health, is no different when it comes to sunscreen protection. From both a biological and historical perspective, it's no secret that high concentrations of melanin in the skin has the natural capacity to protect the skin against harmful UV rays which contributes to various skin conditions and disorders both aesthetically and medically. Although this notion is true, this system is not sufficient enough in maintaining optimal skin health - and yet the conversation of how important preventive practices and measures are in maintaining healthy skin within the coloured community has historically been disregarded for years. This is why it is so imperative that we open up this conversation and continue to bring forth awareness to this overlooked topic.

However, this lack of awareness and understanding in the significance of sunscreen protection is not just limited to the coloured community itself. It also transcends from the medical community as well. Research suggests that there is a belief system amongst various practitioners that people of colour are not as prone to acquiring certain types of skin disorders or cancers due to their rich melanin skin type - hence the lack of facilitation with respects to providing the education/knowledge and creating a sense of urgency within this community with respects to preventive measures, as it's a trickle down effect. However, when it comes to skin cancer for example, decreasing one's risk (regardless of skin type) should be  just as important as decreasing the incidences to which people die from it.

Furthermore, this knowledge deficit may also stem from statistical analysis which suggests that people of colour have a lower incidence of skin disorders, diseases and conditions than there non coloured counterparts in relation to sun exposure. 

Lastly, representation and skin inclusivity is also instrumental in the ways in which coloured people perceive and understand their skin care needs. Having medical grade products in place which supports darker skin care needs will in turn shed more light in this arena. For example, the lack of SPF options for people of colour could also be a contributing factor as to why there is a knowledge gap. Sunscreen options for people of colour are limited in comparison to the options which are available to those who fall within skin types 1-5. There is an obvious lack of representation with regards to skin type 6, as options which are available for this specific skin type often leaves a white/greyish residue on the skin once applied which aesthetically is not appeasing, which as a result could cause many to deter from using it regardless of its importance and significance in skin health.

For a further in depth conversation regarding this topic, please watch the video below: 

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We wish all of our clients a happy, sun-safe summer!

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