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The Misconception of Lip Fillers and Black Women

As a woman of colour, specifically a black woman, it almost feels as if there is a stigma, or rather a misconception surrounding the conversation of lip augmentation, due to the fact that genetically most black women tend to be genetically predisposed to larger and fuller lips. As a result, there are many assumptions and ideologies surrounding the idea that black women do not need nor have an interest in lip fillers. Well, I am here to advise that contrary to popular belief, there are many black women including myself whom although have large lips, lacks fullness, depth, symmetry and a well defined vermilion border which as a result, creates an interest in the discussion of lip augmentation.

If, you review my images below, its obvious that I have large lips, along with a well-defined vermillion border. However, if you continue to look closely, you can also see that I lack fullness predominantly in my upper lip, slightly throwing off the overall symmetry to the lower portion; which again is a common trend amongst black women.

Furthermore, my end goal through the use of lip fillers is to achieve an overall evenness to both the upper and lower region of my lips, which in turn will create more fullness and depth aesthetically, as I desire a more pillowy/luscious appearance.

Now, in order to have a better understanding of what I am referring to with respects to achieving a more fuller and luscious appearance, below I have included some images of Megan Good – an American Hollywood actress/director whom in my opinion a lot of black women reference as having the “perfect” pout. Though, publicly she has not confirmed to have had any cosmetic procedures done with respects to her lips, Megan in my opinion has successfully achieved the “perfect” pout. She has just the right amount of fullness in both the upper and lower regions of her lips to create that perfect symmetry. She also has a well-defined vermilion border which also aesthetically compliments the overall appearance of her lips.

Hopefully, after reviewing some of Megan’s images, you have a better understanding/idea of my lip goals. Now, although I am fully aware that overall my lips are pretty full, my end goal through the use of lip fillers is to “naturally” enhance certain aspects of my lips to achieve a more pillowy appearance.

Now, before I sign off, I have also included below a group of women aside from Megan Good, whom I also believe aesthetically have achieved the “perfect” pout. Scroll down to review.

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