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Skin Inclusivity – Let’s Begin the Conversation!

Hi Skin Worthy fans, Naanafya here!

As I begin to embark on this new journey from a Medical Receptionist position, into a Cosmetic Nursing role, it is extremely important to me that I discuss some of my developmental goals within this new role in which I hope to establish and adopt within my practice. One of these goals includes continuing the conversation surrounding the growing awareness around darker skin inclusivity within the realm of medical aesthetics, along with bringing more awareness to the rise in technological advancements of which have been clinically proven to yield optimal results for people of colour.

Moreover, as a woman of colour – specifically skin type 6, I can personally attest to the fact that the topic of injectables, or cosmetic treatments amongst melanin rich skin types is a rarity.

This is primarily due to this clichéd notion within the coloured community that “black don’t crack”, which is often praised and celebrated amongst people of colour.

However, though this notion has been publicly accepted, has also shown to have had a paralyzing effect as this idea has created room to minimize our specific needs, wants and concerns within the realm of medical aesthetics. Because there seems to be a global consensus that melanin rich skin types have the natural capacity (to a certain degree) to protect the skin against harmful UV rays which contributes to the formation of fine line and wrinkles, perpetuates this idea that a protocol is not needed specifically for us. Now, although it is no secret that melanin is one of the body’s natural primary defence mechanism against harmful UV rays, does not make this system sufficient on its own. Hence, why the use of sunscreen, integrated with various skin rejuvenation treatments should become the standard protocol for ALL people, regardless of skin type. This is why, creating a space within Skin Worthy where we can continue to develop and grow this conversation around skin inclusivity, is of most importance to me, as it creates a means to demystify and de-stigmatize any false pretences surrounding elective procedures.

Similarly, within this narrative, normalizing the conversation surrounding lip augmentation amongst women of colour is one I hope to also de-stigmatize throughout my practice.

As the three pillars of Skin Worthy are built upon education, relationships and the normalization of elective procedures, it is imperative that we continue to educate our audience/clients, which will eventually garner their trust and manifest lasting relationships, which in turn will hopefully create a space in which elective procedures are no longer frowned upon, but rather celebrated regardless of skin type, ethnicity or gender.

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