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your beauty evolution


From inception, founders, husband and wife, and doctor nurse duo Barbara and Dr Cody Hemsworth always visualized Skin Worthy as a non-surgical, medical aesthetic clinic that was bold, modern, and unapologetic in its approach to beauty and self care. 


“It is time for the world to radically change not only how we view taking care of ourselves, but how we discuss it, and how we approach it”. 

We are here to challenge the current views of what aesthetic medicine is and how it is performed.


At Skin Worthy we pledge to bring vision, inspiration and realize the evolution of your beauty. With a dedicated team of multidisciplinary beauty experts, we are passionate about unleashing the self-confidence that comes from feeling confident about how you look. We aim to make your experience seamless, customized and relaxing. Understanding each patient’s unique needs, we will take you through a journey of assessment to execution, all while ensuring the process is thorough, collaborative and transparent.  


At Skin Worthy we too are committed to working on our own evolution by continuously educating ourselves, attending the world’s best conferences and constantly exploring and bringing on the best technology and products that the market has to offer. 


At Skin Worthy we are committed to inspiring, and expanding our patient’s vision of what is possible in aesthetic medicine through continued education, open communication and elevated outcomes that will result in long lasting relationships. 


After all, we are more of the marriage type than a one night stand.

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A Skin Worthy Beauty Evolution is a complete series of treatments and products aimed to have you looking and feeling your best in 3-12 months. The program is initiated by a Consultation and designed around Skin Worthy's proven 54321 Assessment Model, which analyzes all 5 layers of the face and assigns a program based on your anatomy and goals. This multi-modality program is closely monitored by our Dr. and Nurse team to ensure your very best result. 


At Skin Worthy - a Toronto Med Spa, we are proud to offer the latest and most advanced procedures available. Browse our most popular services below


A non-invasive solutions for wrinkles. Also known as Botox, Nuceiva, Dysport or Xeomin


A non-surgical solution for facial rejuvenation


Halo is an innovative hybrid fractional laser that can drastically improve sun damaged, dull, and aging skin without the downtime associated with traditional laser resurfacing procedures.


Morpheus8 is a new cutting-edge fractional device that combines microneedling and radio frequency to remodel and contour your face and body.


Broad Band Light Therapy (BBL) targets redness, sun damage, freckles, age spots, rosacea and veins/vessels, as well as saggy, aging, crepey skin. 


Injected directly into the areas of concern, such as wrinkles of areas that have lost volume. Soften deeper lines, replace volume or plumpen lips.


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