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Weight loss + body contouring program

Medically supervised weight loss with or without medication

Weight Loss + Body Contouring Program by Skin Worthy's is a high touch, medically supervised program that provides patients with access to education, medical resources and experienced non-surgical body contouring technology to help them reach their ideal body goals. 


Initial Consultation - $100

  • Comprehensive Medical and Wellness Assessment 

  • Blood work

24 Week Program $599/month

  • Bi-Weekly Evaluation and Education session with NP Cat

  • Bi-Weekly EvolveX or Evoke treatments to promote muscle strength and skin tightening 

*any medications that are part of your program are at an additional cost and can be collected at your preferred pharmacy.


Patients will be scheduled for 1 hr, bi-weekly appointments. 

Each session has been compounded to maximize time and benefit. 24 sessions in total, each session includes:

  • Photos and measurements to monitor heathy weight loss progress

  • An EvolveX or Evoke treatment to promote muscle strength and tighten skin 

  • Themed education which aligns program progress to promote a healthy and effective weight loss evolution


This program is designed for adults with obesity or excess weight and/or with weight-related conditions who want more than just medication.


They want to be informed, motivated and have access to the most advanced non-surgical Body Contouring services to help them obtain their ideal body shape. 

Exclusive Features for Program Members

  • a complementary assessment and medical-aesthetic treatment plan designed for patients who have recently lost weight 

  • 15% off Dermal Fillers for Face & Body (from individual treatment price: 20% off $650)

  • 20% off Sculptra / Bio-Stimulators for Face & Body

  • 30% off CoolSculpting & Evolve Packages (not including membership pricing)

  • 15% off series of 3 Morpheus8 for Face and Body

  • the strength of connectivity - access to a medical specialist referral network

*access to reduced pricing for up to 6 months post program completion 

THE                            DIFFERENCE

There are numerous weight loss programs available in the market, but what sets Skin Worthy's Weight Loss + Body Contouring Program apart is that in addition to being a medically supervised program, we incorporate proven treatments and modalities to help you address the unwanted effects of weight loss that include but are not limited to skin laxity, muscle tone or loss of fullness in their face or body. 


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Body Contouring

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