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Our Story

From inception, founders, husband and wife, and doctor nurse duo Barbara and Dr Cody Hemsworth always visualized Skin Worthy as a non-surgical, medical aesthetic clinic that was bold, modern, and unapologetic in its approach to beauty and self care. 


“It is time for the world to radically change not only how we view taking care of ourselves, but how we discuss it, and how we approach it”. 

We are here to challenge the current views of what aesthetic medicine is and how it is performed.


At Skin Worthy we pledge to bring vision, inspiration and realize the evolution of your beauty. With a dedicated team of multidisciplinary beauty experts, we are passionate about unleashing the self-confidence that comes from feeling confident about how you look. We aim to make your experience seamless, customized and relaxing. Understanding each patient’s unique needs, we will take you through a journey of assessment to execution, all while ensuring the process is thorough, collaborative and transparent.  


At Skin Worthy we too are committed to working on our own evolution by continuously educating ourselves, attending the world’s best conferences and constantly exploring and bringing on the best technology and products that the market has to offer. 


At Skin Worthy we are committed to inspiring, and expanding our patient’s vision of what is possible in aesthetic medicine through continued education, open communication and elevated outcomes that will result in long lasting relationships. 


After all, we are more of the marriage type than a one night stand.


What We Do:

Solo Services

As a leading medical aesthetic clinic, we offer the best in non-surgical solutions. Some of our most popular solo services include: Morpheus8, Halo, Dermal Fillers, Anti-Wrinkle Injections and Evolve Body Contouring.

Skinergy Treatments

Exceptional results are one of our pillars and how we achieve that is by combining multiple modalities during the same appointment. By pairing two or more treatments together we are able to produce the most optimal results. Some Skinergy treatments include The Sculptor, Glow Getter and More Than  A Filter.

Beauty Evolutions

At Skin Worthy, we specialize in Beauty Evolutions. A Beauty Evolutions is a curated series of non-surgical aesthetic medical treatments that work synergistically for a refreshed, glowing, and lifted appearance.  All Beauty Evolutions are designed by Dr. Hemsworth or Nurse Barb.

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Our Why:

The medical aesthetics industry has evolved greatly in recent years and a plethora of non-invasive approaches have emerged, including lasers, energy-based devices (EBDs), cosmeceuticals, topical medications, chemical peeling, botulinum toxin injections, suspension threads, and filler injections. And yet, even with all of these options available, we still see unnatural, underwhelming and even distorted outcomes. Despite all of our advances, there continues to be a lack of direction, rationale or proper guidance around treatment planning and patient care.  


Our Solution:

The 54321 CONSULTATION™ is the cornerstone of each Beauty Evolution. It is a systematic process that assesses facial aging through the lens of the 5 facial layers.  This approach allows our practitioners to guide treatment planning and provide appropriate solutions based on a patient's unique and complex anatomy. During this comprehensive assessment, patients will gain a clear understanding of the changes happening to their face on a structural, mechanical and cellular level. 


Our Approach:

At the conclusion of each assessment, our practitioners will present a comprehensive treatment plan that is based on each patient’s unique aging pattern. This plan will include not only the appropriate treatments to deliver results, but a treatment schedule that will lead to the most effective, efficient and optimal outcomes. This assessment, consultation and planning model takes away the overwhelming choices, confusion and fears associated with cosmetic improvements. Natural results, with professional guidance and continuous support is our promise to all of our patients throughout their entire Skin Worthy experience. 


Understanding the structural organization of the five facial layers: Starting at the deepest layer moving to the most superficial. 


5. Boney Layer, Skull, Facial Skeleton is the structural base of the 5 facial layers.  It  provides support for all upper layers..  As we age, bone resorbs, it recesses back and becomes thinner and the scaffolding in our face weakens. 


4. Deep Fat Pads and Compartments is a structural continuation of the bone. This layer is directly attached to the skull and it softens the sharp projections of bone and provides support to the upper layers.  With age, this layer loses volume and is often the first layer where aging is seen. 


3. SMAS, Muscle + Retaining Ligaments connects skin to deep structural layers.  It plays an integral roll in the aging of our skin as it can cause lines and wrinkles from repetitive expression. As we age, muscles can tighten and hyper-express due to structural support loss in deeper layers. As a result, more permanent muscle contraction can occur, potentially shifting our fat pads and increasing the wear and tear on boney layer and skin . 


2. Subcutaneous Layer (superficial fat)

In youth we have smooth, non-discernable transitions between fat pads, but as we age those pads become larger and heavier.  With the loss of structural support from our lower layers, the fat pads separate causing the appearance of hills and valleys on the face.  In addition, these fat pads also descend downward and inward causing a saggy appearance due to thinning less elastic skin in upper layer that can no longer hold them back.


1. Skin (epidermis and dermis) 80% of the aging in this layer is environmental while only 20% is genetic. The outer layer of the face shows the most drastic signs of aging. We see a multitude of changes in this layer.

  • Our loss of collagen and elastin per year is roughly around 1%, causing the skin to change from the thickness of rubber elastic band to more of a tissue paper-like appearance (wrinkles and crepiness). 

  • Less support for pores due to the inability to hold back sagging fat pads

  • The cellular metabolism of skin drastically slows down, which can show signs of sun damage, age spots, broken blood vessels and general tone imperfections .


Choosing a trusted provider can be a daunting task. By providing you with a thorough, and transparent explanation of our assessment and consultation process, we are hoping that you are able to identify the importance that education and communication play throughout our entire patient experience. 


If you would like to learn more about your unique aging process, or start your own Beauty Evolution, please call or text us at 647-350-7546 or click here.


Dr. Cody Hemsworth

Medical Director & Clinic Co-Owner


Barb Hemsworth

RN, BScN, Nurse Injector, Clinic Co-Owner


Anne Tse

Medical Aesthetician


Where We Started

Skin Worthy was founded in 2016 by Dr. Cody Hemsworth and his wife & partner Dr. Barb Hemsworth.

Since 2016, Skinworthy has set out to become Toronto's leading non-surgical medical aesthetics clinic.

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