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Superficial Skin Resurfacing

A non-invasive solution for beautifully smooth skin.

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Starting as early as our 20’s our skin will start to show early signs of aging and can lead to skin looking dull and tired. The Superficial Resurfacing from Sciton uses light energy to instantly remove the top layers of the skin at a depth that also accelerates the skin's own renewal process by activating special messenger proteins. Treatments like microdermabrasion often don't get deep enough, whereas the Superficial Resurfacing from Sciton has the precision to work at the right depth, creating beautifully smooth, luminous skin.

How Does Superficial Resurfacing Work?

​The erbium laser is scanned over the desired treatment area to remove a thin layer of the skin. By removing this top layer of skin we remove damaged cells that can give skin a tired, aged look. As the skin heals, fresh cells grow and resurface the treated area. The result is healthier-looking skin, often with reduced wrinkles and improved colour evenness.

What Conditions Can Be Treated With Superficial Resurfacing?

  • Mild Wrinkles

  • Scars

  • Keratosis

  • Sun Damage

  • Pigment Problems

What Areas Of The Body Can Be Treated?

This treatment is suitable for most skin types and skin areas. The most popular areas of treatment are the face, neck, décollegtage and hands.

What Will Happen During The Procedure?

The treatment area will be cleansed to remove any makeup, lotions and oils, you will be provided with eye shields. Our medical aesthetician will use the computer-guided scanner and position the laser handpiece above the skin and will hold it in place while doing passes over the treatment area.

Will It Be Uncomfortable?

The Superficial Resurfacing Laser is a non-invasive, gentle and safe procedure. There should be little to no pain, because the laser doesn’t penetrate very deeply into the skin. Most people tolerate the treatment well with no topical anesthetic. The sensation of the treatment is comparable to the snapping of a rubber band or a slight stinging sensation in the treatment area.

What Should I Expect Immediately After The Treatment?

Immediately after the treatment you may notice the skin has a “frosty ”appearance. In the following days the dehydrated skin will peel away to reveal glowing, healthy, smooth skin. Some patients may experience redness and minor swelling in the treatment area resembling a sunburn.

How Long Will It Take To Recover?

The recovery process is similar to that of a sunburn: on the first day there will be redness and minor swelling, as the redness fades there will be peeling and minor itchiness, following the peeling any residual redness can be covered with mineral makeup.

What Aftercare Do I Need?

Avoid use of scented lotions or soaps, exfoliant cleansers and creams (Retin-A, glycolic/salicylic and alpha- hydroxy acids), acne creams or gels. We recommend using a healing moisturizer such as ZO Skin Health’s Revitatrol and a physical block sunscreen post treatment as your skin will be sensitive to UV rays. Please plan to avoid any activities that involve unprotected sun exposure, heavy sweating, swimming, saunas and hot tubs for 72 hours post treatment.


When Should I Expect Results?

As we are treating the outer layer of the skin, once the peeling is complete (on day 3-4) most patients will notice improvements in their skin texture, tone and pigmentation. After a successful Superficial Resurfacing most patients will notice that their skin is glowing and vibrant.

Other Forms Of Skin Resurfacing Treatments:

Skin Worthy Toronto offers deep skin resurfacing with Contour TRL which safely removes fine lines, deep wrinkles, scars and pigmentation. To learn more about this treatment option, click on the link below.

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