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Toronto's Best Comprehensive Medical Aesthetic Program


A Skin Worthy Beauty Evolution is an expert curated series of non-surgical aesthetic medical treatments that work synergistically for a refreshed, glowing and lifted appearance.  Beauty Evolutions are designed by Dr. Hemsworth and Nurse Barb to provide patients with a fully encompassing program to both elevate and maintain aesthetic results.  


Each Beauty Evolution is initiated by a Consultation and designed around Skin Worthy's exclusive 54321 Assessment Model.  Working systematically, considering how the 5 layers of the face are affected by aging along with individual anatomy, each treatment is chosen and scheduled in order for optimal results. 


Throughout the 3-12 month treatment series, results are monitored by our onsite medical directors and fully supported by the experienced medical-aesthetician and patient coordination team at Skin Worthy.   


Choose from one of 3 foundational programs ranging from the ultimate maintenance protocol
to advanced non-surgical facial lifting.

REFRESH is a 13 week Beauty Evolution that's ideal for the patient who wants to keep themselves "maintained".

But it's so much more than a maintenance program. This series includes treatments that rejuvenate genes and the genetic code in DNA resulting in younger skin.  Also great for patients who are new to aesthetic medicine and want to refresh their appearance, smooth lines, and gently enhance their favourite feature.


  • 1 Beauty Evolution Assessment & Consultation

  • 50 units of Anti-Wrinkle Injections (total)

  • 2 syringes of Dermal Filler

  • 2 BBL treatments

  • 2 Dermal Infusions


GLOW UP - The quintessential med-aesthetic program is available two ways: Glow UP with Morpheus8 &

Glow UP with Halo.
Our most popular series is designed for patients who are looking to improve tone, texture and luminosity to their skin, soften lines and enhance facial balance. The services in this series work synergistically to produce elevated and natural results which continues to be proven in our clients - which is why it's our most popular Beauty Evolution series. Patients who have completed a Glow Up will maintain results on a REFRESH series.


  • Beauty Evolution Assessment & Consultation

  • 100 units of Anti-Wrinkle Injections 

  • 4 syringes of HA Dermal Fillers

  • 2 x  Morpheus8 + Evoke Treatment OR 1 Glow Getter (BBL, Halo + Post Procedure Kit)

  • 1 Forever Young BBL Treatment

  • 1 Dermal Infusion

NON-SURGICAL FACELIFT - For a naturally lifted result this series combines multiple modalities and advanced techniques over a 23 week period to tighten and firm skin, restore lost volume and maximize collagen production. 
Designed for patients who want to achieve full facial rejuvenation without surgery.  Program can be followed by a REFRESH for maintenance.


  • Beauty Evolution Assessment & Consultation

  • 150 units of Anti-Wrinkle Injections

  • 6 syringes of Dermal Filler

  • 3 x The Sculptor (Morpheus8 face, Evoke submental + 1 syringe of Sculptra per session)

  • 4 Threads

  • 1 Glow Getter including Post Procedure Kit

  • 1 Dermal Infusion


To learn more about our Beauty Evolution Programs, contact our Program Coordinator below.


Amber F

"I have been going to Skin Worthy for over 6 years now and every single time I go I have an amazing experience. I feel comfortable and welcome. I feel like my goals are being listened to and a safe and efficient plan is always curated for me to reach my goals and always explained to me thoroughly. Barb is fantastic! I am always treated with care and the follow up after any procedure is a comfort"
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