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Belkyra Aftercare

Downtime is minimal and occurs most commonly after the first treatment session. Remember, once your goals are achieved, retreatment with BelkyraTM is not expected. Many people treated with BelkyraTM experienced visible improvement in the appearance of their chin profile in just 2 to 4 treatments. Up to 6 may be administered.

Before leaving the clinic, book a follow-up exam (due 1 month after treatment) for after photos

  • Swelling is a sign the medication is working, and less swelling occurs at future treatments

  • You may take Tylenol/ Acetaminophen if you experience any mild tenderness or discomfort.

  • Drink plenty of water for 48 hours after treatment.

  • 4 hours following an injection: stay in an upright position. DO NOT rest your head or lie down. DO NOT sleep on your face or place your head on your hands while sleeping.

  • Do not apply makeup over the injected area (risk of infection) for at least 24 hours.

  • Only touch the injected area with clean hands, clean makeup tools, and clean towels

  • Apply a cold compress for 5 mins x 5 times a day x 5 days

  • For 24-48 hours, avoid alcohol, strenuous exercise, and exposure to UV radiation, high heat environments (e.g. sauna, steam room, tanning beds, hot showers) or risk worsening swelling and discomfort

  • For two weeks, avoid anything that irritates or requires heavy pressure on the skin of the treated area

    AVOID laser treatments, resurfacing treatments, or chemical peels for a minimum of 2 weeks, as there is a possible risk of inflammation at the treatment site if the procedures are performed after treatment.

    Wait three months before receiving another Belkyra treatment

    If you experience any other side effects which you think are important.

  • Always contact us even if you also see your family doctor, a walk-in clinic doctor, or go to the ER.

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