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Deep Laser Postcare

TRL - Tunable Resurfacing Laser

Pre-Appointment Checklist

Dr. Hemsworth will give/fax in a prescription for Valacyclovir (an anti-viral
medication), Cephalexin (an antibiotic), Fluconazole (an anti-fungal) and Tylenol
No.3 to the pharmacy you provided.


  • Start the Valacyclovir 3 days prior to the resurfacing laser treatment. You will continue to take for an additional 7 days after the treatment.

  • Start the Cephalexin the morning of the treatment. You will continue to take for 7 days in total.

  • Start the Fluconazole the morning of the treatment. You will only take one 300mg dose.

  • Tylenol No. 3s to be taken after procedure if needed.

    Additional things to buy:

  • 4x4 non-woven sterile gauze - 6 packs (sleeves)

  • Aquaphore Healing Ointment 50g tube

  • White vinegar 4% - a small bottle

  • Clean bed linens and pillow cases you don’t mind getting dirty

Day of Resurfacing Treatment - Day 0

• Please bring all medications and pharmacy supplies to your appointment
• Start taking Cephalexin and Fluconazole that morning
• Please do not wear makeup to your appointment
• Pre-treatment Oxycocet (narcotic pain killer) and Alprazolam (anti-anxiety pill) can be
taken. This will be provided in clinic. If taking either medication patient must have a
ride home after the procedure.
• Pre-Treatment photos to be taken
• Topical numbing medication will be spread over the areas receiving the resurfacing
• Nerve blocks will be used to greatly reduce the pain of the procedure. (Similar to
dental blocks for dentistry).
• After the laser resurfacing, redness and bleeding of the skin is expected and normal.
We will apply a layer of Aquaphor after the treatment.
• After the procedure - heat and tenderness are normal. As the numbing wears off
additional tenderness is normal. Tylenol is usually enough to make it more
comfortable. Tylenol No. 3s can be taken to improve discomfort.
• Post-laser treatment pictures will be taken


That night

• Leave on Aquaphor ointment overnight
• Clean pillow case is a must but it may get dirty from your healing skin. Try to sleep
on your back with head elevated.
• No pets in the bed for the first 7 days of healing.
• Continue to take Valacyclovir and Cephalexin
Day 1- First day after treatment
• Cleanse face gently to remove Aquaphor.
• Oozing, crusting, bleeding are normal at this stage.
• Gently dry face with 4x4 gauze
• Reapply Aquaphore
• Continue Valacyclovir and Cephalexin
• Telephone call with Dr. Hemsworth

Mid Day

• Prepare Vinegar soak - 1 teaspoon of vinegar in 1 cup of cool water
• Cleanse face to clean off Aquaphor
• Soak 4x4 gauzes in vinegar solution. soak enough to be able to cover whole face
• Apply damp/wet gauzes to face for 10-15mins (Tip - easiest if laying down)
• Remove gauze and clean face with water
• Reapply Aquaphore

End of Day

• Cleanse face gently to remove Aquaphor.
• Gently dry face with 4x4 gauze
• Reapply Aquaphor
• Continue Valacyclovir and Cephalexin

Day 2 - Post-Treatment

• Repeat steps for first day
• Contact clinic if any questions

Day 3 Post-Treatment

First follow up in office - bring all medication and creams to appointment

• Follow steps for first day
• Prior to leaving the house apply sunscreen and wear wide brimmed hat
• Come to appointment with Aquaphor applied.
• We will cleanse your face and assess healing.
• After will reapply Aquaphor
• Continue standard care in evening unless changes advised during office visit


Day 4 Post-Treatment

continue standard care

Day 5 Post-treatment

continue standard care
• last day of vinegar solution soak

Day 6 Post-Treatment

Cleanse twice daily followed by Aquaphor
• stop vinegar solution soak

Day 7 Post-Treatment

Gentle cleanse twice daily still recommended
Addition of ZO Hydrating Creme recommended
Some peeling is still expected

Day 8 Post-Treatment

2nd visit follow up in clinic

Day 14 Post-Treatment

3rd visit follow up in clinic

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