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Morpheus8 Aftercare

Post treatment:

Use a clean pillowcase to reduce incidence of skin infection. 

  • Cleanse twice daily with lukewarm water and a ZO cleanser, beginning the same day as treatment.

  • For 24h, apply the silicone gel provided to you or ZO Growth Factor Serum least twice a day, AM and PM, or as often as needed.

  • After the first 24h continue using ZO Growth Factor Serum or switch to ZO Hydrating Creme, apply minimum 2 times daily or as needed.

  • Daily SPF application (SPF 30 or higher) is mandatory for the first 2 weeks following treatment and should continue indefinitely into the future.. Apply SPF on top of other topicals. 

Post Care Product Recommendations:

  • ZO Skin Health: Any ZO Cleanser

  • ZO Skin Health: Hydrating Creme

  • ZO Skin Health: Growth Factor Serum

  • Sunscreen: Alumier, ZO Skin Health, Colorescience min SPF30

  • If swelling is a concern, an antihistamine can be taken starting day of treatment such as Rupall or Reactin.

  • If you are prone to cold sores a prophylactic can be prescribed and taken starting day of treatment.

  • If bruising is a concern, Arnica tablets can be taken starting day of treatment. 

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