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Get Glass Skin This Holiday Season

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

glass skin at skin worthy toronto

At Skin Worthy Toronto, when it comes to skin trends, we always tend to veer on the side of science, but there is one skin craze that is consuming TikTok, Instagram and all the beauty blogs that we can definitely get behind - and that is glossy, dewy, glass skin. While the term started to gain traction back in 2017, glass skin has long been a beauty ideal in Korea - with women focussing on layering hydrating products in their skincare routine to achieve youthful skin.

To be clear, glass skin is not necessarily blemish free and poreless skin, but more so skin that is so healthy, smooth and dewy that it can look reflective and translucent - just like glass.

In order to achieve glass skin - a consistent skin care routine that is tailored to your skin's needs is essential. This includes proper cleansing, exfoliation, protecting your skin barrier and helping your skin stay hydrated - especially throughout the cold and dry winter. What we do at home is important - but sometimes we need and/or just want a boost. Developed from a growing demand from our patients for a no-downtime, skin booster treatment, we're thrilled to introduce our latest innovation in skincare and the perfect prep for holiday glam - Skin Worthy's Glass FACE.

What is Glass FACE?

aquagold needle depth

Developed by Nurse Barb, Glass FACE is a medically formulated mesotherapy treatment that infuses the skin with a custom blend of dermal filler, vitamins, anti-oxidants and neuromodulators (aka Botox). The beauty cocktail is administered just 0.6mm beneath the skin by an experienced medical aesthetician using the Beauty Booster injection hand piece.

You may have heard of similar treatments that utilize a small hand held stamp, but the benefit to using the Beauty Booster device is that we are able to achieve precise depth and accurate dosing to your entire face to:

  • Improve Skin Hydration

  • Reduce Pore Size

  • Promote Reflective Skin

  • Create a beautiful canvas for Makeup Application

Post treatment, your skin may feel slightly warm and appear pink or flushed. Any swelling and redness should subside within 24 hours, leaving your skin plump, hydrated and glowing.

Who Needs Glass FACE? With the holidays around the corner, most of us will be attending numerous parties and events. We know that the best canvas for any makeup application is great skin - making Glass FACE the perfect go-to treatment ahead of all of your festive obligations. Even if your dance card isn't over-filled this December, anyone (all skin types and tones) can all benefit from complimenting our at-home routines with an in-clinic skin booster like Glass FACE.

All month long take advantage of our special introductory pricing of a single Glass FACE treatment for only $475

To book your Glass FACE for this December, please text/call 647-350-7546. No consultations needed for existing patients. New patients, please email to set up your initial Beauty Evolution consultation.

Shine brighter this winter with Glass FACE at Skin Worthy, Toronto.

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