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Say Goodbye to Acne For Good

It's time to say goodbye to acne Toronto. We know that acne effects more than just your skin. Numerous studies have shown that people with acne experience social, psychological, and emotional ramifications at the same level as those with chronic health problems, like epilepsy, diabetes, and arthritis. While the majority of individuals suffering from acne fall into the range of 12-24, acne can impact individuals of any age, especially if there are additional underlying untreated conditions such as rosacea. Aside from the desire to achieve healthy skin, one of the main reasons people seek out treatment for their acne is to lessen the effects of scarring later in life. Research shows that post acne scarring affects up to 95% of individuals with acne, representing a permanent disfiguring condition with no universal solution.

Say Good Bye To Acne For Good with SWAT

toronto rosacea before and after

The Skin Worthy Acne Treatment Program is a proven acne cure program, combining skincare, monthly in-clinic treatments, and optional low-dose Accutane. Dr. Cody Hemsworth created this program as a direct result of many patients coming to him, who had tried medications to treat their acne, but found that throughout the treatment, their skin was dry, irritable and often even worsened when they came off of it. Acne is a condition that requires consistent treatment. If the recommended course of action is not making your skin healthier, the chances of you completing the course of that treatment is slim. This is why at Skin Worthy, we prioritize your skin health and protecting your skin barrier throughout your treatment.

How Do We Do This?

toronto acne before and after

The SWAT program consists of four key elements. Low dose Accutane/Epirus is an optional component of the program, but for those who are on it, it will help to stop the active disease of the skin. In clinic Clear and Bright treatments combine the power of Dermal Infusion with Forever Clear BBL to help heal the skin. Once a month, you will come into clinic to receive your combination therapy treatment. Your Dermal Infusion will help you extract dirt and debris, exfoliate the upper layer of skin, and then infuse it with a serum to help restore hydration, while your BBL uses special acne settings to reduce inflammation and kill the acne causing bacteria. Your at-home ZO Skin regimen is the last component of the program and is designed to both help control your acne, but also to repair your skin barrier and reduce the dryness caused by medication. Contrary to popular belief, acne prone skin needs hydration, as dry skin can lead to more congestion. Functional hydrators like Hydration Creme help to simultaneously reduce trans-epidermal water loss and add hydration to the skin without clogging pores.

Acne treatment requires commitment from both the provider and the patient. For this reason, a minimum commitment of 6 months is required to produce optimal results. By having you routinely come into clinic, we can continuously monitor your progress and make adjustments to your program where necessary. We know how distressing acne can be for patients and families alike, but by providing a comprehensive plan to target the acne and repair your skin, we are confident that we can help you restore your confidence in both your skin and yourself. So if you are ready to say goodbye to acne for good, give us a call at 647-350-7546 or click here to book your initial consultation.

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