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Winterize Your Skin at Home or In Clinic

Winter is officially here Toronto, and with it's arrival comes colder temperatures and more time spent indoors. Instead of lamenting on summer days past or wishing away the next few months, right now is the perfect time to give yourself and your skin a little extra TLC. Whether you're looking to do something from the comfort of your own home or a more intensive in clinic treatment, we have a few options that will have your skin looking and feeling its best all winter long.

Tighter + Brighter - Home Edition

We spent most of December out celebrating with family and friends and now we are more than ready for some cozy time at home and perhaps a little detox or reset - and yes that should extend to your skin as well! These long cold January days are our favourite time of year to do something like the 7 Day ZO Retinol Stimulation Peel. Your at-home peel kit will include a Radical Night Repair (your powerful retinol peel), Daily Power Defense (your anti-oxidant and skin barrier protection), and Renewal Creme (to nourish your skin and keep it hydrated throughout the duration of your peel). This go-to at-home peel has mild, moderate and strong variations that can be modified for every skin type and tolerance, and will leave your skin feeling tighther, smoother, firmer and have an overall brighter and more even complexion. In addition to the visible benefits of the peel, it also helps to provide power anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory protection to prevent future skin aging - and we can always get behind that.


  1. Cleanse with your ZO Skin Health Cleanser AM/PM

  2. Apply Daily Power Defense AM/PM

  3. Apply Radical Night Repair AM/PM

  4. Apply Renewal Creme AM/PM

  5. Ensure Proper SPF protection AM

Winterize Your Skin: In Clinic Skin Booster

Cold air, dry indoor heat, low humidity levels, and harsh winds can all zap your skin of moisture, leaving it looking a lot less radiant than you'd like. The weather, combined with the uptake in alcohol consumption and late nights from last month give the term "dry January" new meaning when talking about your skin. One of our favourite ways to blanket your skin in hydration, target unwanted red and pigmentation and boost collagen is with our Signature Skinergize Combination Treatment, "More Than A Filter". Your treatment will include 2 anti-aging treatments that individually address different aspects of aging, but together, work synergistically to target multiple layers of the face and produce the most optimal results. BBL, or Broad Band Light treatments are the only device on the market that have been shown to stimulate your cells back to a younger state. It does this by rejuvenating your genes and the genetic code in your DNA, resulting in a reset of your skin cells, leaving you with younger looking skin. In addition to stimulating collagen and targeting laxity, BBL is the device of choice to help even out pigmentation, by ridding the skin of unwanted reds and browns.

It's definitely been the year of the skin booster, and with good reason. Many people are no longer in need HA filler for structure or volume, but rather in search of something to provide hydration. Beauty Booster is a microneedling device that injects a mix of non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid, amino acids, vitamin B6 and antioxidants into the skin, creating an even blanket of hydration under the upper layers of the dermis. As it is a collagen stimulating device, the Beauty Booster also activates fibroblasts within the dermis making them lay down new collagen and elastin, leading to thicker, tighter, and more elastic skin on the face. What you're left with is skin that is plump, tighter, firmer and air-brushed in appearance.

To provide maximum comfort throughout the treatment, numbing cream is applied prior to the treatment, and pain management kits are available upon request. Downtime for More Than A Filter is typically less than a day, however as bruising is possible with any microneedling device, we recommend planning your appointment 10 days in advance of any big events or social commitments.

And the results? Well they speak for themselves...

While a single More Than A Filter is a great treatment during the cold winter months to give your skin a boost of collagen and hydration, best results can really be seen after a series of 3 treatments (single treatment $850, series of 3 $2250, neck add on $450).

So whether you are looking to take advantage of extra downtime at home, or you are hoping to restore some moisture and hydration to your skin, the ZO Stimulator Peel and our MTAF treatment are two ways you can give your skin exactly what it needs this winter. To purchase your More Than A Filter treatment or to book your Beauty Evolution Consultation, call or text 647-350-7546.

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