Forever Clear BBL Acne Treatment

Skin Worthy is now performing an acne treatment that provides patients with an alternative to topical or prescription acne remedies. Forever Clear BBL allows patients to have a quick, comfortable, safe and effective treatment for their acne with lasting results. 

-cystic acne

-inflammatory acne

-post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation

-reduces bacteria and oil 

-speeds the healing of existing acne

-prevents future breakouts

Procedure: Forever Clear BBL uses an exclusive three-step process

-  Blue BBL light is used to eliminate the acne-causing bacteria P.acnes. This step helps improve and reduce the appearance of existing acne as well as prevent future breakouts. 

-  Yellow/Red BBL light is used to reduce the redness and inflammation associated with acne. This step helps reduce scarring and resolve existing inflammatory acne.

-  The patient’s skin is treated with the SkinTyte II BBL setting using visible and infra-red BBL light. This step helps to enhance and complement the results of the first two steps and speed the healing process. 

Before your treatment you will be provided with protective goggles and a cleansing of the treatment area to remove any makeup, lotions or oils. The treatment itself does not require topical anesthetic, it feels similar to the snap of an elastic band.


Based on Sciton’s clinical studies, we suggest that at least two BBL 420 nm acne treatments are performed to begin to see results. Results have been reported to last up to 6 months. It is recommended to follow the treatment plan set out for you by our medical aesthetician in order to maintain results.

A non-invasive solution for clearer skin

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What is Forever Clear BBL Therapy?

When Should I Expect Results? 

What will Happen During the Procedure?

What Conditions can be Treated with Forever Clear BBL Therapy?

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