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Sexual Wellness + Women's Health at Sin Worthy

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Just as every patient is unique, everyone's motivation for seeking treatment also differs. We asked two of our Sin Worthy patients about their most recent sexual wellness/rejuvenation treatments.

Scroll down to learn more about what they had to say...

Male Treatment - P-Shot

"I've been casually curious about different modalities and medications to enhance my sexual pleasure for years. The initial consultation with Dr. Hemsworth was very informative, he answered all my questions and addressed my concerns (there were a lot). By the time I left his clinic I felt confident that I was in the right hands. The day of treatment we re-reviewed the procedure and what to expect during and after. Numbing and continuous feedback during treatment made it really comfortable...I felt nothing during the injection which was a huge relief. The experience in whole was easy, painless and very educational. The result is a stronger, larger erection after just one session. Based on these results, I'm looking forward to completing the series of 3. For anyone that's curious about sexual enhancement treatments I would strongly recommend connecting with Dr. Hemsworth at Sin Worthy."


Female Treatment - Plus90

"I was very interested in trying the Plus90 treatments at Sin Worthy as I had been trying for years to deal with issues related to my pelvic floor, with little to no success. This included seeing pelvic floor physiotherapists, personal trainers, and taking private Pilates classes to strengthen my core. Despite the work and effort put in, I continued to suffer with urinary incontinence related to exercise.

As a person who has been active my whole life – including playing sports as a varsity athlete in my 20s, to running marathons and triathlons in my 30s – it was and continues to be very important to me to feel confident in my ability to stay active and exercise. In trying the Plus90 at Sin Worthy, I was skeptical of what this treatment could do (particularly as it was very quick and completely painless!). To my complete shock and excitement, I felt a change after just one visit, and sustained change to this day (three treatments in just over 3 months with my last treatment over 6 months ago). I could not believe that I was able to do stress free jumping jacks again!! I would recommend Plus90 to anyone interested in addressing their pelvic floor issues – particularly those like me that need and love to exercise every day! It truly has changed my life!"

- SD

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