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Celebrity Tranformations

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Greetings Skin Worthy Fans!

It comes as no surprise that celebrities make adjustments to their appearance when they reach the limelight. Many of us notice celebrities begin to change their look right in front of our eyes as their fame grows. We at Skin Worthy love a good celebrity transformation. Let's take a moment to appreciate these celebs and their glow ups.

First up, we have Megan Fox:

We are loving Megan's supermodel cheek structure and her character-adding jawline. Best of all, Megan does not look over-done and still resembles the 2006 girl next door. Megan went from a cute and innocent looking girl to a sultry and suave young woman- yaaaas girl.

Up next we have Bella Hadid:

Besides having an amazing rhinoplasty, it appears that Bella's lips look a little more defined (especially her cupid's bow). Her jawline is slim and defined and those cheeks are poppin'. Bella has definitely grown up before our eyes and she has taken over the modelling world alongside her sister. Bella's transformation is subtle and we love it. You glow girl!

Hey Upper East Siders. Gossip Girl here - our next transformation is the one and only Blake Lively:

Another notable rhinoplasty, but what really catches my attention in this glow up are THOSE NASOLABIAL FOLDS! 👏By adding a little extra structure to her face, Blake was able to eliminate those dramatic smile lines. Blake looks sophisticated, fresh and natural - she is definitely giving us #momgoals vibes.

Last, but most definitely not least- Jennifer Lopez:

HOLD UP- I thought this was about transformations... Sometimes the best transformation is no transformation at all. I think we all need to take a moment to appreciate the fact that JLO has not changed for DECADES! This woman is aging like a fine wine- she just gets better with time. It is never too early to start aging gracefully and Jennifer is doing it well. This transformation is so subtle that Jen has maintained her look since she entered the limelight. This phenomenon could be a result of good genes, healthy eating, medical grade skincare, blood sacrifices or just an experienced injector. Botox and skillfully placed fillers can maintain a youthful appearance without looking overdone- this is what we strive for at Skin Worthy, we educate our patients on their options and help them achieve their beauty goals so they can be their own #glowupgoals. Combination therapy is key as fillers and botox can only do so much- skincare, laser treatments and collagen induction can preserve your youthful glow without changing your appearance dramatically.

If you have any questions regarding the above listed transformations we would love to have you come in for an educational consult to discuss what Skin Worthy can do for you.

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