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Do Our Eyes Get Smaller As We Age?

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There are certain things we know to be true that happen as we get older. Our collagen levels decrease, our nose indeed gets bigger, our lips get thinner, but do our eyes actually get smaller?

When you are born your eyeballs are typically around 16.5 mm, and they continue to grow up to about 24mm. By the time you are in your early 20's, they are considered "full size". As we age, our face shape changes. Bone loss, a changes in facial muscles, thinning skin, and shifting and descending fat pads are only a few of the contributing factors as to why our faces look different as we get older.

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According to a study by Kahn & Shaw 2008, "The orbital aperture width and area in both male and female subjects showed a significant increase with increasing age. There was a significant increase in height of the superior orbital rim medially in both genders, suggesting that the superior orbital rim receded with age in this region. The inferior orbital rim receded significantly laterally in our female population, while our male subjects had a recession of the entire inferior orbital rim." Simply put - bony elements of the orbit change dramatically with age, and this, coupled with soft tissue changes, can lead to the appearance of the aged and smaller looking eye.

Common eye changes that occur with age include:

- eyeballs sinking backwards, or bulging forward

- tissues above and below the eye looking puffy

- heavier upper eyelids

-drooping brows

- lax and thinning tissues around the eye area

What Can We Do About An Aging Eye

There are a variety of non-invasive and non-surgical treatments available when it comes to upper face rejuvenation, but it's also important to understand that the eyes do not exist in isolation. The forehead, temples and upper cheek are all areas that should be addressed when thinking about eye treatments. At Skin Worthy Toronto, we have several treatment options.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections - Crow's feet to soften lines around the eye, the jelly roll to reduce line under the eye, and brow lift to increase the space between the brow and the lid are the most common treatments to "rejuvenate" the eye area with Botox/Nuceiva. One area that isn't discussed as often is the forehead. Over-treating the upper forehead can lead to a lowering of the brow, and because the aging process itself involves loss of volume behind the muscle, relaxing the muscle can lead to increased heaviness.

This of course may mean you have more movement in your forehead - but its often a preferred choice when it comes to maintaining a youthful area appearance.

Dermal Filler - Tear trough filler can be an amazing treatment for the right patient. It can reduce hollows, brighten dark circles and restore volume loss. Over-filling this area, can actually have the opposite effect - and make the eye look smaller. The wrong product, treating too close to the orbital rim or using too much filler can cause edema, resulting in puffiness and swelling under the eye. Dermal filler treatments to the temple and mid-cheek may also be included in facial balancing treatments to help create a more harmonious transition and lift the tail of the brow.

Skin Boosters - Mesotherapy is having a moment - and with good reason. This type of dermal filler also includes anti-oxidants and minerals and rather than adding volume, it restores hydration, helping to minimize fine lines and to reinvigorate dull and dry skin. Skin Boosters can be done with direct injection, like our RedensifEYE treatment or via the Beauty Booster device - providing the entire face with a blanket of evenly dispersed hydration.

Morpheus8, Halo and Resurfacing Lasers - Depending on the patient, we have micro-needling with radio-frequency, ablative and non-ablative lasers, along with complete skin resurfacing to address crepiness, fine and deep lines, uneven skin tone and aging eyes. A consultation will best help you identify which treatments are right for you and your schedule, as some treatments have longer downtimes associated with them.

Daily Habits, SPF and Skincare - The most impactful part of your skin care regimen is what you do every day. This includes your skin care routine, SPF protection and even how you sleep! The skin around your eyes is some of the most delicate on your body, rubbing them aggressively can damage collagen bonds, causing them to age prematurely. At Skin Worthy we have several ZO Skin Health eye cremes that can help tackle fine lines, improve hydration, and reduce the impact of harsh external factors. ZO Growth Factor Eye is safe for all skin types and pregnant and breast-feeding moms. This patient favourite includes peptides that can help to significantly reduce the appearance of Crow's Feet and visibly improve the appearance of volume.

So Do Our Eyes Get Smaller As We Age?

So no, our eyes, don't necessarily shrink with age, but what is happening both below the dermis and on it can create the illusion of a smaller-looking eye. Whether you are looking for prejuvenation treatments like Baby Botox or Skin Boosters, or looking to reverse some signs of aging and sun-damage, we can help you find the right treatments for you. Click here to start your own Beauty Evolution.

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