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How Latisse Completely Changed My Life For The Better

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

From my late teens, I always had an obsession with big, lucious dark lashes. I loved the way they opened up the appearance of the eye, and enhanced the feminine look. I started wearing false eyelashes, and became so addicted that I did not want to leave the house without them! As you can imagine, this became a rather time consuming process. So I decided to try out eyelashes extensions instead! At first I absolutely loved them. I loved the fact that I could wake up every morning with a full set of beautiful lashes and just have to give them a quick brush. That was of course until I lost all my natural lashes.


My eyelashes just started falling out and the ones that were left had become so weak, short and brittle. While it was not my aesthetic preference, I had to completely stop using both strip lashes and lash extensions to prevent more continuous damage. But what I also needed a solution to repair the stubby lashes and severe damage that had been done. That is where my saviour came in - Latisse. When I was just a patient at Skin Worthy, I had been introduced to Latisse and was told it was an excellent alternative to false lashes. Not only did this product have all the advantages of synthetic lash extensions, but they were going to be my own! Just like the product says, my lashes became fuller, darker, longer and healthier without much effort!

Easy Peezy

Don't spend 20 minutes putting on falsies or an hour on a table getting extensions. With Latisse, you simply apply one drop of solution to the provided applicator brush and draw the brush at the base of the upper eyelashes. When finished, you dispose of the brush and use a new brush for the other eye. You then repeat once a day for maintenance. I highly recommend this product. It has become a staple in my self care routine that I absolutely CANNOT live without. What are you waiting for? Book a quick consult and get yourself lashes you will love!

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