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Skin Worthy Staff Exposé

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Our team at Skin Worthy is thrilled to give you the insider's perspective on who we are and why we love what we do. We want our clients to get to know us better so we can be your trusted friends in the aesthetic industry.

Meet Our Team

Name: Barb Hemsworth

Hidden Talent: Drawing , painting and fashion design. I completed my education in this field as well and I love bringing this artistic element to my aesthetic nursing practice. 

Most Used Emoji: 🤗🤦🏻‍♀️🙏🏼❤️

Beauty Icon: @nictrunfio her cheeks! Also I love anyone with a gap in their teeth! 

Your Happy Place: I love going to walks down to sunny side beach by our house. I feel so lucky to live in such an amazing city, where we have that buzz and excitement at our fingertips  but this part of Toronto is particularly calm and gives me those warm feelings every time. 

Guilty Pleasure: The Real Housewives! Can I be one pls?? 

Describe Yourself Using 3 Adjectives: hardworking, motivated, sassy  

Favourite Cosmetic Procedure: currently obsessed wth the Sciton halo laser. It literally makes your skin look airbrushed! I am a big fan of combination therapy, so I am doing it all and loving it, I feel like my skin is aging backwards. For my patients, cheek filler is almost a must for everyone, it starts to create structure and support in the face... and who doesn’t love top model cheeks?!? 

Which TV Character Do You Most Relate To: @lisavanderpump , I want to be her.... but I can’t really relate to her just yet. 

If You're Not At Work, What Are You Doing:  Hanging out with my wild toddler Auggie  and and very sweet pup Georgina... oh and of course my loving husband @skinworthycody 


Name: Dr. Cody Hemsworth

Hidden Talent: Alpine Ski Racer

Most Used Emoji: 👍🏻

Beauty Icon: Chris Hemsworth

Your Happy Place: Sailing Lake Ontario

Guilty Pleasure: Cherry Bomb Almond Cresents 🥐

Describe Yourself Using 3 Adjectives: Sun damaged - a childhood of sunworshiping and burns. Aesthetic medicine has changed my life. Handyman - love doing procedures in clinic and working around the house. Nerd but working at being cool

Favourite Cosmetic Procedure: Defining jawlines. Both men and women. Multiple modalities for max results.

Which TV Character Do You Most Relate To: McDreamy

If You're Not At Work, What Are You Doing: At home working or Biking to work or reading about work or IGing work .... @skinworthybarb and I work a lot.


Name: Megan Bagdon

Hidden Talent: Foraging, food from the woods always tastes better…definitely no GMO’s out there

Most Used Emoji: 💕

Beauty Icon: Adwoa Aboah I think she’s such a beautiful, motivating and underrated model

Your Happy Place: up north by the lake

Guilty pleasure: wine

Describe Yourself Using 3 Adjectives: particular, thankful, direct

Favourite Cosmetic Procedure: HALO, I’ve only had one treatment and it has truly changed my skin

Which TV Character Do You Most Relate To: Garfield…does anyone remember him? He hates Mondays and loves pasta…I definitely feel that

If You're Not At Work, What Are You Doing: Playing outside with my daughter



Name: Nicole Glazik

Hidden Talent: memorizing random song lyrics

Most Used Emoji: 😂

Beauty Icon: Nicole Williams-English (Torontonian, animal lover, goddess)

Your Happy Place: Prince Edward County, on the beach drinking wine

Guilty Pleasure: True crime podcasts and documentaries

Describe Yourself Using 3 Adjectives: compassionate, self-determined, amiable

Favourite Cosmetic Procedure: I wish these cheekbones were genetic- Thanks Dr. Hemsworth😇

Which TV Character Do You Most Relate To: Larry David or Nene Leakes - dry humor is a way of life

If You're Not At Work, What Are You Doing: laughing at some stand up comedy, loving on my pets or eating some good food with no regrets



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