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'Tis the Season for Great Skin

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

It is time to take advantage of the great Toronto winter. Grey skies are the perfect time for photo skin therapy.

One of our favourites for correction and beautification of your skin is our Sciton Broad Band Light (BBL™) phototherapy device. Made popular branded as photofacials, Lightfacials, or IPLs. Although all devices claim to get the same results, the BBL™ is the most powerful pulsed light device available.

We find our patients need the most powerful device after a summer of harsh sun. By October your tan has faded and you are left with red, dry, patchy skin. Those reds and browns that make skin look unhealthy and aged. Using physics, BBL™ targets those colours and allows your biology repair damaged skin.

It’s called a lunchtime procedure because there is no downtime. On the first appointment, you will meet with our skin care specialist and Dr. Hemsworth to customize the best treatment plan. The procedure only takes 15-30min. We’ll cleanse your skin and apply a sterilizing liquid. Then ultrasound gel is applied to ensure perfect contact between the sapphire crystal and your skin. Typically, patients will feel 3/10 pain during and warm skin for about 1hour after the procedure.

After you will notice that the dark spots are darker… don’t panic this is expected. It will take a few days to a week for you skin to get rid of those and healthy skin to take its place.

BBL™ is one our most versatile tools. We can treat active acne, rosacea, discolouration, loose skin, and even stop aging. You read that correctly, research at Stanford University School of Medicine indicates that Forever Young BBL™ treatments over time were able to influence the genes within skin cells and take cells back to a younger state. Texture, tone, fine lines are all improved with BBL™. It actually shrinks skin glands making pores smaller. Porcelain skin is achievable.

If were talking a lot about BBL™ during your skin care consultation it’s because it works and we love products that work. Full BBL results will be visible starting about 2 weeks post treatment and will continue to boost collagen for about 6 month post treatment.

So come in for a corrective treatment, then every 3-6months to keep your refreshed skin looking fabulous.

Call Skin Worthy Toronto to book your complimentary consultation today 647-350-7546!

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