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Lips,The New Louboutins 👠

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Can lip fillers really look natural and provide beautiful results ?

They say lips are the new Louboutins, everyone wants them. From quick glances at celebrities, Instagram, magazines, and yes even your closest friends- lip enhancements seem to be happening everywhere!

With an increase in desire for poutier lips, come a lot of not so pretty pouts. So what makes a beautiful lip? It's true all lips come in different shapes and sizes, some lips are easily enhanced, while others are more tricky. What it does come down to is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so if you have a certain look or preference then all the power to you to rock the lip you want. As an injector, we all have a style that we inject in and all have different opinions on what what the perfect lip is and isn’t.

My personal belief as an injector is that a lip augmentation should respect the anatomy that already exists. You can’t fight nature too hard and if you do, it wont look right. I also believe lips should have a harmony with surrounding facial structures, so that they fit perfectly with the rest of the face vs being a distraction from one’s beauty.

In my opinion, these are the 3 essential features of the perfect lip:

1. Lip volume is most beautiful when placed centrally.

No we don’t ignore the lateral portion of the lips when injecting, however lips naturally taper toward the corners, therefore I believe less product should be place there. Often I see lips that have been injected with the same volume from corner to corner of the lip. This creates the typical “sausage lip” we all fear. Naturally the majority of the volume of the lip occurs in the middle third of the lip, which often falls between the edges of our nostrils. So don’t worry when the sides of your lips don’t have the same amount of volume as the centre portion, this is injected this way on purpose and will yield the most natural shape and the sexiest appearance.

2. Balance ratio of upper to lower lip

The most beautiful lips have actually have a ratio. This comes from “The Ratio of Phi”- a universal proportion of beauty. This well known ratio is 1 : 1.6, therefore the lower lip should be roughly 1.6 times bigger than the upper lip. I often have requests for only augmenting the upper lip as it is typically smaller and most want their upper lip to the larger of the two. I try to talk my patients out of this because lips that fall out of this ratio instinctively look unnatural and less attractive to the eye.

3. A Defined Cupid's Bow

Most of my patients choose me as their injector as this is stylistically how I approach lips. I believe in a good cupid's bow. This doesn’t mean everyone leaves my clinic with a sharp and aggressive bow, but instead this area is lifted, with the cupid's bow being the highest point of the upper lip. To pair, I love a lower lip that dips at the most centre point. I believe this is the sexiest and most beautiful shape a lip can have. Its not always easy to create in every lip and it may be a process of building the lip up to get to this endpoint. The cupid's bow cannot be ignored to achieve a beautiful result. When I consult with a patient that has overfilled, shapeless lips this is where we start: we add a cupids bow. Once we add structure, their lips start to take on a much more natural and beautiful form.

Other factors to consider: 

In addition to the above points, there are a few other factors that may influence the “perfect result”.

-What type of filler is used?

There are fillers that are more appropriate for a certain result or goal. During your consultation we will assess your current lip shape, size, tissue and your goals. It may be a process of layering fillers to get to a desired end result. Not all fillers are created equal and not all fillers are appropriate for the lip tissue. Dermal fillers truly are not a one size fits all, the wrong filler in the wrong lip, with the wrong amount can result in a terrible and even dangerous outcome.

-Who is your injector?

I strongly encourage all new patients to choose 2-3 practitioners and go for a consultation. Hear what the injector has to say, appreciate the education given and choose a treatment plan that they feel the best about.

-Price tag/Groupon

Most often, the cheapest and most convenient option isn’t the best option. Consider the increased risk you may be taking by searching for the lowest price tag. Always put your health and safety first!

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