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Perfect Post-Summer Treatments

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

With summer having come and somewhat gone here, in Toronto our schedules tend to dramatically change and so do our skincare needs. We tend to see patients coming in with higher oil production, more sun exposure and less dryness than we face in the winter. This mean changes in our skincare regimes using more oil control products, ensuring proper exfoliation to avoid blocked pores and acne breakouts and lighter treatment products. In the office we tend to see less people for light based therapies as well, but that doesn't mean that summer skin doesn’t need some love too. Summer is great time to step up our skin game and encourage collagen enhancing, glow boosting treatments. Here are some of my favourite post summer skin boosters that we offer at Skin Worthy:

The name says it all! This treatments involves a minimally invasive “gun” like device that uses 9 ultra fine hollow needles to inject a patented cocktail of skin healthier ingredients directly into the dermal epidermal junction. What does this mean for skin? Well this cocktail actually contains amino acids, vitamins, minerals and super hydrating uncross linked hyaluronic acid. It brightens and plumps skin from the inside out all while creating controlled injuries to the treated area stimulating new collagen to form. The is the perfect post summer treatment as its doesn’t involve the use of light or lasers so you won’t see an increase in sun sensitivity, but after a few days you will see a plump and hydrated appearance and an improvement in skin quality. We like to perform V2 treatments spaced about 2-4 weeks apart if we are targeting dry, crepey skin, pore size or collagen loss and then follow with a maintenance protocol of 3 treatments annually.

This treatment is part facial, part chemical peel. It uses a combination of Lactic, Kojac, Citric and Glycolic acid to exfoliate dead skin cells, reduce and prevent inflammation, brighten skin and even out tone. Oil and sun can wreak havoc on skin during the summer months, this can bring out hyperpigmentation, sun damage, melasma, and increased acne flare ups.

This safe and gentle chemical peel with no down time helps to reset skin, take down inflammation and control oil. It’s also great when used in combination with other treatments like the V2, Dermal infusion or even to prep for laser treatments as its can help to strengthen skin—which is an important part of a successful pre-treatment program. The Stimulator Peel can be used as often as weekly when starting a new protocol or when trying to balance skin issues, but can be used monthly a nice pick me up to add glow and tone skin.

Did you know we now offer Dermal Infusion? One of Skin Worthy’s newest treatments is also a summer safe and year round fave!

Dermal Infusion works in 3 ways: Safe exfoliation using a diamond tip or exfoliating brush head (depending on your skins concerns), a gentle yet powerful suction to remove excess debris, dirt and oil from the pore all while infusing a targeted treatment serum deep into the skin.

The treatment is tailored to your skin needs and type, so if you are feeling dry or dull we can use a Hydrating Serum or Vitamin C based treatment to hydrate or brighten skin. If you suffer from summer flare ups of melasma we can use our Skin Brightening Serum formulated to turn down tyrosinase activity resulting in a reduction of the formation of pigment in skin. If you suffer from active and even inflammatory acne you may see this get worse in the summer with the increase of heat, mild and sun related inflammation—Dermal Infusion offers a treatment that is safe for acne to bring down inflammation while clearing out the pore and decongesting oil build up. We recommend a Starting protocol of 6 treatments spaced 2 weeks apart with dermal infusion to bring the skin into healthy and balanced condition, and follow with a maintain protocol using appropriate skincare and periodic treatments.

In addition these 3 summer, must-have treatments I always use daily skincare as a cornerstone to healthy skin. I cannot stress enough how important a proper cleansing protocol is to reduce oil, dead skin cells, deliver hydration, and stimulate our skin for a health and strength, because

Skin care is like going to the gym—if you are doing the wrong exercises or only hitting the gym once a month you will not see results.

You need to be consistent with you skin and use the appropriate skincare to strengthen skin and bring out your best and most beautiful


At Skin Worthy, we value educating our patients on their skin concerns, if you are looking for brighter, tighter skin this summer or would like to learn more, we encourage you to come in for a complimentary consultation. We will discuss your goals, assess your skin and decide the best plan of action for your specific needs.


call Skin Worthy 647-960-7546 to book your consultation today!


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