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Are Microneedling Treatments Safe for Women of Colour?

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Often, we tend to hear a lot of conversation on whether or not Microneedling is a safe treatment technique for women of colour. Many of these debates stem from the idea that because women of colour are biologically known to produce higher concentrations of melanin in their skin, makes their skin type more prone, or susceptible to scarring or hypo or hyper pigmentation to various facial rejuvenation treatments. Well, let us be the first to demystify any ideologies surrounding this misconception.

For one, Microneedling is a non-ablative approach towards achieving facial rejuvenation, which means that during the treatment process, there is no removal of the epidermis in order to facilitate the development of a new layer of skin, therefore making it safe for all skin types/tones. Conversely, ablative approaches have many side effects on darker skin types because of the higher concentration levels of melanin in the skin that are not compatible with certain ablative techniques such as cutting, burning or abrading. Such techniques, could potentially cause scarring, hypo or hyper pigmentation in darker skin types.

While, Microneedling has clinically shown to be safe for all skin types, if extra precautions wanted to be taken to lessen the chances of any adverse events for those whom may fall between skin types IV-VI for instance, Skin Worthy offers a medical grade skin care product called Melamin by Dr. Obagi, which temporarily turns off the melanocytes in the body, thus lessening the risks of any adverse events with respects to having darker skin.

Furthermore, some notable benefits of Microneedling treatments with PRP or Hyaluronic Acid includes, but are not limited to, reducing signs of dry and aging skin, improving tone and textural issues, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, reducing pore size and scar visibility.

We at Skin Worthy value the diversity of our patients and their unique beauty goals. We strive to recommend the appropriate treatments for your skin concerns and skin type.

Please call us at (647)350-7546 or visit us online at to set up your complimentary consultation.

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