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Snatched Jawlines: The Newest Beauty Trend

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Hello Skin Worthy fans, it's your trend mogul, Nicole here.

I would like to spill the tea on a popular and much needed beauty trend. Get that Jawline SNATCHED! Full disclosure: jawline filler is not a new treatment but in the last few years it has been gaining popularity amongst the naturally weak jawed masses. Both men and women benefit from the perks of jawline filler, who doesn't love the idea of a slim, well defined and angular face? There is just something so visually appealing about a man with a strong jawline or a woman whose facial features are so sharp they can cut you (not actually).

What does it mean to have a STRONG Jawline?

I will answer this question with a question:

Can you see where your jaw ends and neck begins? The external appearance of your Jaw bone is considered the jaw line. A strong jawline has a more angular and symmetrical look.

A common misperception about Dermal Fillers is that they are only used to add volume and make facial features appear bigger. Fillers are strategically placed by a qualified injector to rejuvenate the face - whether it be adding volume or structure to the face. By adding structure to facial features, specifically where there is skin laxity/sagging you are visibly reducing the signs of aging.

The benefits of Jawline Filler include:

  • Sculpts and contours the lower face

  • Defines the appearance of the jawline

  • Accentuates the chin

  • Creates a clear separation of the face and neck

  • Decreases the appearance of jowls

  • Defines the mandibular angle

In this photo we highlight the location and importance of the mandibular angle

When sculpting the jawline, your skilled injector is able to identify and enhance your natural mandibular angle. By injecting the jawline they are creating a clear separation the the face and neck which has a slimming effect.

To achieve the most aesthetically pleasing results & proportions, the face should be divided into equal horizontal thirds (upper, middle & lower). A skillful injector respects and honours these proportions when injecting areas such as the jawline. The contouring and heaviness of the upper two thirds plays a large role when consulting for jawline filler. The temples and cheeks influence the jawline and therefore should be taken into account when discussing filler options for the jaw.

This patient added structural filler to his jawline. This had a slimming affect on the face and accentuates his chin.

Jawline Fillers are not the only treatment option for those who want to achieve the looks of a greek god/goddess. Skin Worthy is happy to offer treatments such as Belkyra, SkinTyte and coming soon... CoolSculpting! Used in combination, you will be able to achieve the most snatched angles possible.

At Skin Worthy, we value educating our patients, if you are considering Jawline enhancement we encourage you to come in for a complimentary consultation. We will discuss your goals, assess your face, and further educate you on the process step by step.


Call Skin Worthy 647-350-7546 to book your consultation today!

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